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What's In My Bag

I've seen a lot of magazine articles that detail the clubs the top players use so I thought; why not? The tens of people that come to my sight each month might be interested. So without further adieu, here we go.

 Cobra Amp 9.5 with Mitsubishi Diamana regular flex shaft.
After the shoulder injury I have changed all of my clubs to regular flex.
I have the driver set to the open position and can work the ball both directions very comfort

Fairway Woods
 Callaway Razr Fit with Aldila NV shaft set open.
These are very important clubs for me. I don't consider myself a long hitter and there are times when I play these fairway metals more than my driver. They are very effective off the tee and for long fairway shots they give me the option of hitting low trajectory bullets or higher, softer shots into the green. 

 Bridgestone J38 dual pocket with Project X 5.0 shaft.4-PW
Without a doubt the best irons i have ever gamed. These replaced the Taylormade R7 TP set when the groove rule kicked in and I'm not even thinking of trying anything else.

 Bridgestone J40 with Project X 5.0 shaft.
I bought these after playing the J38 irons. They blend seamlessly from the irons. I'm back to using 4 wedges in my bag for more shot making options. Counting the PW the lofts are 46, 50, 54, and 58 degrees. I'm back to a more traditional spacing with this set.

 Titleist Scotty Cameron Squareback.
I love the feel of this club at impact! When it was time to get a new putter I must have tried a dozen different clubs before settling on this one, and that was after tons of online research.

 Titleist Pro V1x and Callaway Hex Chrome.
Depending on course conditions I use 2 different spheres. If I'm really needing to work the ball I'll use the Pro V1. If I'm playing more of a bump-and-run game or need some extra distance I'll use the Callaway. I pick up 12 yards on average with my driver and see a very small drop in spin. Titleist says they are the number one ball in golf. I believe them. I find more of them on the course than any other ball! 

Well, there you go. That was fun......

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