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My Rig

Well, during Camisetas De Futbol Baratas my ongoing quest for tone Football du Brésil I have assembled another rig. If you have Football de la France read my blog I've mentioned that Alex Barr has built me an incredible amplifier we've named the Barr Medalist. This amp is designed Images du Football old school as a single Matchs du Football channel amp without a master volume control, but there is some real sophistication in the design. Shes a 30 watt amp thats powered by four EL-84 Hôte du Football tubes that can be switched to run as a single tube class A, a dual tube class A or class AB, or a four tube class AB!

The tone control doesn't stop there. The tone circuit has a normal TMB setup with a few mods built in. I can change the slope of the EQ with a 3 position switch and adjust it further with a 6 position high pass filter. The only problem I have is when I'm rolling tubes I have so many variables to play with that I wind up playing the guitar for hours. Now thats the kind of problem I love to have! One other thing of note is the power tubes are cathode biased so I can mix and match virtually any brand. Great. Now I can spend hours rolling power tubes too.

By the way, I'm running this amp as an A/B/Y with a Splawn Super Sport. More on that later..... 

Over the years my rig has changed countless times. Like most guitarists I'm searching for the ultimate tone. At it's largest "The Beast" was a 16 space double hung rack. USA Jersey I was using 23 of the available 32 slots. I still have every piece that was in it then, but now most of it has been retired, at least temporarily. I've cut the beast down from 23 rack spaces to six and renamed it "creature". I'm going with the Soccer Photos minimalistic approach while I'm tone-searching again.

Currently creature is an Egnater IE4, Brazil Soccer a Behringer Virtualizer and Tube Ultrafex, and a Lee Jackson Perfect Connection stereo power amp. I'm running it into a custom 2x12 cab with one Celestion Vintage 30 and one Eminence Man-O-War speaker. The tubes in the Germany Soccer IE4 right now are one Telefunken, one RCA Black plate, one Philips Miniwatt, and four Mullards, all 12ax7's. I run my live rig in stereo which only adds to the complexity, but the difference in mono and stereo to me is huge.

For those of you that want to Netherlands Soccer know more about "The Beast", here you go. I love talking about this rig. It took me several years of experimenting to come up with the final version. Along the way I learned a lot about sound manipulation. I also learned how to use my ears. That sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people mix with their eyes. It's more common than you might think.

The preamps I used were the Egnater IE4 and a Marshall JMP-1. The effects processors were a Digitech TSR-24s, Digitech DHP-33, and a Behringer Virtualizer. The signal processors were a DOD 31 band EQ, a DBX 266 compressor-gate, a Behringer Edison Pro, a Behringer Tube Ultrafex, and Soccer Forum an Aphex Aural Exciter. The main power was supplied by a Mesa
Boogie Simul-class 2 Ninety. The rest of the rack held 2 Furman power conditioners, 2 Samson wireless receivers, (1 for my vocal), a Shure in-ear monitor, a rack tuner, and a Behringer Euro rack MX802 mixer. All of this was controlled on the floor by a Rocktron Midimate, a Morley A/B/Y switch, a Yamaha control pedal, 2 Ernie Ball mono volume pedals, (1 as a controller), 1 EB Stereo Pedal, and to top it all off is my Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie wah pedal. 

I won't try to explain the signal path because "The Beast" isn't run in a linear fashion. There are 3 separate lines coming from the preamp stages to 3 different effects chains. Those signals are then mixed back together to produce the final output signal. I can change any combination of effects in real time and the output remains seamless. This also effectively shortens the signal path which reduces signal loss.

The heart of the rig has to be the Midi-mate. I can control everything in the rig simultaneously, or change any one unit by itself. With all the controller pedals I can mix live on the fly. I guess I'm a control freak when it comes to my live sound. I also used Hughes and Kettner Red Boxes before the power amp to eliminate live microphones on stage. My tone was consistent every night and I never had mic placement issues.  

The beauty of how I designed "The Beast" was it's efficiency. It took 10 minutes to set up and I could have it off the stage in 3 minutes flat! That's a must when you're doing opening acts. The techs love it. All the cables to the pedal board were grouped together, so I only had to run 1 line. Breakdown was simple. Power down. Disconnect the pedal board and set it on the rack. Roll and store the multi-cable in the rack, and roll the rack and 4x12 cabs off the stage. 
So there you go. As I change my rig I'll keep you updated. By the way, I forgot to mention that I've recently acquired a Variac. I'm gonna be testing it on some of my other gear, like my Carvin X100b. I can't wait.....

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